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Bound by Song
Author: Piper Davenport

Maximilian MacMillan is brooding, mysterious, and drop-dead gorgeous. He’s also the lead singer of the most popular and successful band in the world. His ability to weave a fantasy in lyrics offers him anything he desires. When he meets his mate backstage at one of his concerts, he expects she will fall into his arms and thank him for being hers. She doesn’t.

After a family vacation to Scotland, Grace Wilson returns to the United States just in time to lose her job and break up with her boyfriend. When the lead singer of a famous band sends her an invitation to their concert...all expenses paid and V.I.P. treatment all the way...she is unprepared for the lengths the man will go to in order to meet her...or how much he keeps hidden from her.

As Max works to prove his devotion to Grace, will she put aside the rumors and gossip that surround him, and trust him?

Will Max come to terms with his past and finally open up to Grace?



Another HUGE thank you to Ása Erlingsdóttir who helped me with the beautiful Icelandic translations.

For Paige

You are such an amazing young woman and I’m proud to call you friend!

Thanks for being beautiful inside and out!



GRACE WILSON TAPED up the last of her packing boxes and set it in the corner with the others. She couldn’t believe her life had come to this. She felt like she’d done everything she was supposed to do and yet, here she was, twenty-four years old and being forced to move back in with her parents. She felt like a failure. But after losing her job four months ago, and being unsuccessful in finding a new one, she had to face facts.

She was broke.

Maybe not broke, broke, but her savings account was dwindling, and with half the country in the same state as she was, or worse off, finding another job was proving to be impossible. She was one of the lucky ones, really. Her parents had a large home and had graciously offered for her to move home again until she got back on her feet.

This meant moving back home with her siblings. Joy.

Truth be told, she loved her family, but she loved her peace and quiet as well, and her siblings didn’t seem to be interested in leaving the family nest. Her brother, Spencer, was a year younger and still living at home because... well, because he could... and her baby sister, Margaret, was in her third year at Washington State University and planning to live at home until she finished school.

“Grace!” Spencer called from the front room. “Ready?”

“No,” she grumbled under her breath.

He appeared at her bedroom door, a grin on his face. “Hey. It’s not the end of the world, you know.”

“I know, Spence.” She smiled. “It’s all first-world, white girl problems. I get it.”

“Just so long as you remember that,” he joked. His chestnut hair fell over his forehead and his hazel eyes sparkled with both mischief and reassurance. He held his hand out. “You dropped your phone.”

Grace took the bane of her existence from him with a groan and shoved the phone into her pocket. “Thanks.”

“You’d be a perfect candidate for a microchip of some kind,” Spencer retorted. “I’m sure the technology to surgically implant a phone isn’t that far off.”

Grace rolled her eyes. “Hey, I’m not the one who insists on me having one of these stupid things. Your father bought it for me.”

“Oh, he’s my father now, hm?” Spencer laughed. “He just wants us safe, but with the number of phones you’ve lost in the last four years, he could probably have hired a bodyguard instead.”

“Oh, you are hi-larious,” she droned as she picked up one of the lighter boxes. “Grab a box, weird one.”

Spencer picked up the box labeled “kitchen” and followed her toward the front door. “Did I tell you I got tickets to the Fallen Crown show on Friday night?”

“Really?” Grace asked. “I thought it was sold out.”

“I managed to get in just under the wire.” He pushed open the door and waited for Grace to precede him to the truck. “Aisha’s coming, and I was gonna ask Maggie, but thought you might wanna go instead.”

“We just saw them.” Grace set her box in the bed of his truck and pushed it to the front.

Three months ago, their parents had surprised them with a trip to the United Kingdom. Their mother had been secretly squirreling money away each month for the last ten years in an effort to pay for the lavish trip. Having never left the United States, the siblings jumped at the chance to see another country, particularly Grace, who needed a distraction from job and boyfriend woes.

Maggie nearly lost her mind when Spencer informed them that he was able to purchase tickets to an exclusive Fallen Crown show in Edinburgh. Grace wasn’t much of a fan, but the Wilson threesome was a team...and Spencer had bought three tickets.

“So?” he challenged.

Grace rolled her eyes. “So, once is good enough for me, and Maggie would absolutely kill you if you didn’t take her.”

“She doesn’t scare me,” Spencer joked as he set his burden into the truck bed, grabbed a roll of twine, and handed Grace an end. “You loved them. Admit it.”

“I’ll admit the band put on a good show,” she said as she tied down her end of rope. “But that doesn’t mean they made me a fan.”

“Oh, really? You seemed like a fan when you spent almost an hour with Sir Maximilian MacMillan.”

“Sir Maximilian MacMillan? Seriously?”

“Yep. Knighted and everything.”

“Well, in any case,” Grace snorted, “it was twenty minutes, dude. Not an hour.”

At the end of the show in Scotland, Maggie had flirted her way backstage and Grace had been singled out by the Fallen Crown’s lead singer. At first, she’d been a little taken aback by his attention, but brushed off her thoughts when security moved them through the line and out the back door. Max probably spent that much time with every woman. He was, after all, a notorious womanizer.

“Well, he seemed to like you,” Spencer said.

“Oh, please. That man likes women, period. I’m no one special.”

“You were attracted to him, admit it.”

“Who wouldn’t be? He’s beautiful.”

“He spent more time with you than anyone, Gracie. Pretty sure he liked you.” Spencer chucked her the roll of twine and she tied off the end and threw it back to him.

“I’m pretty sure he likes anyone with boobs.”

Spencer laughed again. “Well, you weren’t watching him watch you, because you were too busy looking for an escape, but he couldn’t take his eyes off you.”

“You’re high.”

“No, seriously.”

Grace sighed. “It doesn’t matter if the lead singer of some stupid band spent time with me, you weirdo. He’s a degenerate rock star, and I’m a good girl. Besides that, even if he was remotely interested and available, I’m not looking. Why this sudden need to set me up with someone?”

“I don’t know. You’ve just been kind of sad.” He shrugged. “You could always get back with Trey.”

Grace had broken off her relationship with her boyfriend just after she’d returned from Scotland. Putting distance between the two of them had made her realize they were going nowhere, and she wanted something more than football games and testosterone-filled bar and grill dinners.

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