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Midnight Unleashed (Midnight Breed #14.7)(8)
Author: Lara Adrian

Her boldness was a striking reminder that he was dealing with a preternatural being whose fury could easily match his own. That Sia was as lovely to look at as her power was formidable only made his arousal spike even stronger.

“What did you intend to do, stroll inside JUSTIS’s evidence room and take them back?” That essentially summed up his own plan, but he sure as hell wasn’t going to cop to that now. “You agreed to stay out of my way, Sia. I thought you understood the seriousness of this situation with Santino.”

“Yes, I do understand.”

She leaned forward as if she expected to do real battle with him—as if she welcomed it. And damn if that didn’t make his fangs throb in his gums with a hunger that went deeper than blood or sustenance.

“But you need to understand something too, Trygg. I don’t answer to you. I don’t answer to the Order, either. You have a mission to carry out. I respect that. After what you told me about this criminal, Santino, I truly hope you succeed. But that doesn’t mean you or anyone else is going to dictate what I can or cannot do. And if I decide to bend to your commands of me, don’t think I do it simply because you will it.”

Trygg relented with a nod. He wasn’t sure if all of this anger and defiance was directed at him or at some other male who had manipulated her to do his bidding. He recalled some talk about her banishment from the colony. Whispers that she had put her faith in someone who had his own treasonous agenda. Sia had been deemed complicit, but it was her affection for the male that had blinded her to the fact that she was being used.

Trygg had some experience with being used too. He had the scars to prove it.

“Those men killed Rosa, Trygg. I want to know why.” Sia reached out, putting her hand on his for the briefest moment, her gaze imploring. “I think you owe me that much. Especially when neither you nor anyone else from the Order can guarantee the shelter is safe so long as Santino and his men are still searching for whatever they think Rosa had. So, don’t ask me to stand by and let the Order handle a problem that’s every bit as much mine as it is yours.”

Fuck. She had a point. Not one he was eager to indulge, but he didn’t think arguing was going to get them anywhere at the moment.

And he didn’t have the time to waste on bickering with her.

If the dead woman had something of worth to Santino—something worth killing for—the Order needed to intercept it. Even if that meant Sia was along for the ride tonight.

He scrubbed his hand over his face. “I pulled the building schematics off the JUSTIS servers this morning. I’ve got the whole place committed to memory, including the layout of the evidence cages.”

Her brows rose. “So, you also intended to come for Rosa’s things tonight? What was your brilliant plan for retrieving them? I can hardly wait to hear it.”

Her lofty tone should have grated, but instead it only made him want to bait her. “I’m a man of action. I prefer to stay fluid when it comes to plans of attack.”

“Ah. I see. Meaning you didn’t actually have a plan in mind, either.”

He shrugged and she let go of a laugh, the first he’d ever heard from her. With her head smugly tilted and her pretty pink lips parted on a smile, she was a temptation. Trygg had an almost irresistible urge to touch her. To kiss her. The soft fall of her platinum hair around her face made him long to feel it between his fingers. Or draped across his bare skin.


Hell, yes, he had a plan in mind. Looking at Sia, he had more plans in mind than he had a right to—most of them centering on her being naked and spread out beneath him. He couldn’t remember the last time he’d been in such tight quarters with a female, mainly because he made a point to avoid them except on occasions when he needed an open vein to feed from or a fast, anonymous fuck to take the edge off.

Sitting with Sia in the close confines of the vehicle was wreaking bloody havoc on his senses, to say nothing of his concentration. The best thing he could do for both of them was to get his hands on whatever Santino was after from the dead woman, then get on with the business of hunting down his target. Anything to put a lot of space between himself and Sia.

And the sooner the better.

He pulled a black skullcap out of his jacket pocket and plugged his head into it, pulling the knit hat low onto his brow. “I’m going in. And you’re not going anywhere near that building. Understood?”

She started to balk, but his dark glower seemed to actually give her pause. “What are you going to do, Trygg?”

“My fucking job.”

She watched him pull the collar of his leather jacket up to cover the Breed dermaglyphs that tracked up his neck. When he checked the pair of sheathed daggers that he wore strapped around his torso beneath the jacket, Sia swallowed.

“Do you think you’re going to need those?”

“Not if I can help it.”

“Trygg, there must be close to a hundred officers in there—many of them Breed. If you get caught, you won’t be able to take them all.”

His grin felt more like a sneer. “Don’t be so sure. You have no idea what I’m capable of. And trust me, Sia, you wouldn’t want to know.”

She sat back at that bleak admission, dark questions swirling in her uneasy gaze. “It’s a busy night at the station. There have been people coming and going the entire time we’ve been here. So, how do you expect to get inside?”

“Right through the front door.” He grunted, closing up his jacket. “Be a hell of a lot easier if I didn’t have this face. It tends to get noticed. And not easily forgotten.”

Sia didn’t laugh at his joke. He wished he hadn’t said it now, feeling her studying him, knowing he must seem beastly to a beauty like her. Ordinarily, he’d find solace in his monstrous looks. Caught in Sia’s unflinching gaze, he felt exposed. Cut open all over again.

Before he realized what she was doing, she lifted her hand and brushed her fingertips over his scarred cheek. “Promise me you’ll be careful, Trygg.”

No one had ever asked that of him before. No one had ever cared. Not unless they wanted something in return.

But Sia’s eyes were tender on him, her voice sincere. And as unexpected as her touch was against his riddled cheek, he barely held back his groan of pleasure in the instant before she drew her hand away.

Emotions churned, mixing with the desire that was becoming increasingly difficult to contain. He clenched his fists, if only to keep from taking hold of her and dragging her into his arms.

He didn’t quite know how to process any of what Sia made him feel, other than to shut it down hard.

“I have a job to do.” Opening the driver’s side door, he threw her a cold look. “Do us both a favor, Sia. Don’t be here when I get back.”



Chapter 5


Sia sat in the dark vehicle for only a moment. She watched Trygg stroll casually toward the entrance of the station, her irritation growing with each passing second.

What just happened?

She’d felt the sizzle of awareness that had ignited between them when she touched him, and she knew he had too.

Yet Trygg, a behemoth of a male whose lethal glower and deep, gravel-rough voice made even the warriors of the Rome command center stand a little straighter when he was around, had practically scrambled to get away from her.

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