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Falling for Her Cowboy Best Friend
Author: Charlotte Grace







"Ouch!" Owen wails. "What's the big deal?"

"Oh, don't be such a baby," I say, laughing. "Are ranchers turning to big crybabies, nowadays?"

Owen suddenly gets quiet, almost like a cute little boy. Well, if boys have ridiculously ripped upper bodies. Not to mention his immaculate blonde-haired, blue-eyed visage.

If you'd given him a fancy change of clothes to wear, you'd be hard-pressed to imagine him anything else but a simple rancher.

I'm making a tourniquet for his broken left arm in the clinic, but my eyes just can't seem to stay away from his excellently defined abs.

"Are you going to treat it or what? I got work to do," says Owen, trying to sound harsh.

I dart my eyes back unto his, ashamed of being found out, "Not with this arm, you don't."

"What happened to you, by the way?" I add.

He turns away and grimaces, "I just… tripped and fell."

"Fell into what? Hard concrete after jumping from the barn's rooftop?" I ask sarcastically.

Owen laughs, "I wish. Alright, I'll be honest. I was trying to break one of the mares for a client of mine. Let me tell you, this horse was as black as an oil slick in the middle of Texas."

"Okay, and then?"

"Well, we were strutting our way all over the ranch that'd make them high and mighty equestrians run for yonder hills. But suddenly, something spooked the horse."

"Spooked?" asks Dr. Rosenberg, the ranch's doctor. "In broad daylight?"

"Yeah, spooked like scared, Doc," Owen says. "The next thing I know, I'm six feet in the air like a hot potato on a hungry man's hand. Let me tell ya, Doc. I saw my life flashed before me."

"Oh? And what did you see, Owen?" asks Dr. Rosenberg.

"Well, I saw three things, to be exact. My momma's face when I was still suckling, my momma's hand when she took me to school, and of course, my momma's face when she slapped me so hard for sleeping in last weekend."

"That must have been one heck of a fall, Owen," I comment.

"I never screamed momma's name any harder than that time, Olivia," says Owen.

"Maybe you should go back to being a house boy, Owen," I joke. "I heard they're looking for more girls to wash the dishes and clean the house. You'd fit right in."

"Man, why you gotta be so mean, Liv?" Owen asks.

"I'm sorry," I say, trying not to laugh. "It's just that since I've known you, you've never allowed a horse to buck you off."

"Well, you know, there's a first time for everything. You know, like the time you were reading your book while walking down the hill and you tripped and…Ow!"

I suddenly pressed on his injured arm to stop him from finishing his story, "There, that should do it. Your arm is all set, Owen."

Owen's eyes are all watery from the pain but smiles as he stands, "Whew, now I can finally rest my arm without having to want to rip it off from the sheer pain. Thanks, Liv."

Dr. Rosenberg approaches Owen and continues his physical checkup, "Well, so far, so good. There doesn't seem to be any other internal injuries, Owen. But I highly advise you to avoid any horses for the time being. Is that clear?"

"Oh, geez," Owen mumbles. "You're the doctor, Doc. I'll be off of horses until my arm heals. Besides, I bet my cows are probably missing me already."

"Oh, yes. Since you mainly raise cattle, that shouldn't be a problem," remarks Dr. Rosenberg.

"You betcha', Doc. Thanks again, and I'm gonna stay away from trouble…for the meantime," says Owen.

"Good," Dr. Rosenberg replies. "Good luck out there, and I hope I don't see you again."

I'm amazed at how Owen quickly wears his shirt over his tourniquet. That amount of pain tolerance is nothing to scoff about. I wonder what other things he had been doing in the ranch to make him turn out like this.

"Alright, Doc. Later," says Owen. I escort him out of the clinic and have him sign some documents.

"Thank God for insurance, right?" Owen mentions. "Say, Liv. You doin' anything tonight?"

Oh, boy. Here we go again.

"Tonight? Let me see," I say as I turn on the computer and play solitaire. "I'm going to be working the night shift, Owen. You know how busy it is in the clinic nowadays."

Owen surveys the empty lounge of our clinic before speaking to me, "Yeah, really busy. I must be going deaf from all the noise. And you haven't even heard what I wanted to do with you tonight. They opened up a new Red Lobster just downtown, thought you wanna grab a bite?"

I furrow my brow as I continue to kick butt in solitaire, "Sorry, can't. It looks like Doc's going to have an operation later, Owen. He's going to need all the help he can get."

"Who in this small town is going to need surgery, Liv?" Owen asks in disbelief. "And Doc's not a surgeon. I'm a rancher, but I'm not stupid."

Darn it, I underestimated him this time.

"He's also our town's dentist, Owen," I quickly reply. Thank goodness for quick thinking.

"Okay, Liv. If that's how you wanna play it. But I've been trying to ask you out for some time now, and you always seem to have some convenient excuse. Like, what's the deal here?"

I stare at Owen, the same stare that I've been giving him whenever he does something wrong. A death stare.

I laugh as soon as I see him take a few steps back and shrug at him. That's all that you're going to get for me, Owen.

Disheartened, he slowly walks towards the door. I'm surprised to see that falling from a horse doesn't discourage him, but the moment I turn him down, he goes lifeless.

"See you around, Owen," I whisper as I gaze at his retreating back. I'm sorry, Owen.









"Man, I got turned down again," I say to myself as I walk back home. What's a guy got to do to get a date for once? I mean, am I ugly?

Well, I'm not the sharpest looking guy, nor the cleanest looking, but I don't look bad, especially if I flex all these muscles.

No, I don't think I look too bad myself. In fact, I'm pretty handsome once I take a bath and get some shiny new clothes and all.

Is it because I'm just a rancher? Nah. Olivia isn't like that. And if she was, would I really want a girl this much?

I give up on the thought and walk back home dejected. It feels like I've had a crush, for like, forever. Well, at least we've been best friends since forever. But around some years ago, Olivia finally grew up into the most gorgeous gal that I've ever seen, and I've been around the state!

She's got that long dark brown hair, deep brown eyes, a face that could launch a thousand tractors in the state fair, but she chose to stay here and work in this small town. If she wanted to, she could have probably become a movie star right about now.

But that just makes me like her more. Underneath her serious personality, she's always been kind, and smart too. She solves a lot of problems in town. Why? I remember she found Mrs. Hopkin's cat just by checking the quiet and warm spaces in town.

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