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Entangled with the Prince
Author: Elizabeth Lennox

Chapter 1


“Two whiskeys, darlin’” a man called out. Savannah smothered a weary sigh and turned, pasting a cheerful smile onto her features.

“Right away, sir,” she told the man, even though he wasn’t sitting in her station. The roof top bar catered to the wealthy business people that worked in Manhattan’s business district, stopping by the exclusive restaurant for an overpriced drink and some networking before heading home.

This was Savannah’s second job. Sort of her third, if one counted attending college classes this afternoon. But thankfully, she was almost finished with design school. Graduation was only a few short weeks away. As she headed to the bar to put in the order for the whiskeys, Savannah reminded herself that she had only three more weeks and then she’d walk across that stage and get her degree. It had taken her a few extra years to finish because she’d had to work her way through college. But she’d done it! She was almost there! She even had a job offer from one of the most prestigious firms in the city and she couldn’t wait to finish studying her craft and start actually doing the work instead of just learning about it!

Oh, the thought of having only one job, of sleeping in on the weekends instead of rushing off to one of her part time jobs. Or finishing her day at five or six and relaxing during the evening hours. Oooh! Maybe taking an aerobics class! Yes, the sweet life she was going to have! All of that would happen in just a few short weeks!

“Thanks Mike,” she smiled to the bartender as he put the drinks on her tray.

“No problem, Savannah,” he grinned as she picked up the tray and carried the drinks back to the customers.

“Here you go,” she greeted the two men as she placed their drinks on the table with a smile.

“Thanks, honey,” the other man replied.

Savannah ignored their leers and moved to the next table, surveying each drink to ensure that they were full. It wasn’t too busy tonight, but she knew the bar would be packed later on. Friday nights were always busy. Thankfully, the tips were great and she preferred busy nights, because there were more customers. That meant more tips and more money to help pay her rent!

Just a few more weeks and she’d have a full time job, she reminded herself. Just thinking about that job offer made her mouth salivate at the salary the interior design firm had offered. With that much money, she could pay her rent, her utilities, buy food, and…gasp…have money left over to put into savings! Savannah had been working towards this moment for so long, it was hard to believe that she’d finally made it!

Well, almost made it. She still had her final exams to get through. Then graduation. Just three short weeks!


Prince Gaelen el Raminar, Crown Prince of Izara, stepped into the elegant restaurant and eyed the crowd. His team of body guards did the same, then nodded towards a table in the corner that they deemed safe enough. Gaelen headed for it, feeling the other patrons glance in his direction, but he ignored them. He’d lived with inquisitive glances like that all his life and had learned to pretend they weren’t happening. If he glanced even casually towards anyone, that person might feel brave enough to approach him. Then his guards would have to intervene, the others in the crowd would see the tussle and…well, the stares and curiosity would only get worse after that. It was best to pretend he was just an average guy.

Okay, so pretending he was average was impossible, and not just because of the guards. He was at least a head taller than most of the men in this bar. Plus, he actually worked out. Hard! Some of the men in this place might work out, but as he surveyed the crowd, he doubted any of them put much effort into their routines.

Which was good, he thought. Sometimes, an idiot got a bit too drunk and wanted to challenge Gaelen. It never got that far though, his guards were much too protective to let a drunken idiot get close enough.

But it wasn’t just the guards, his height, or his brawn that set him apart from the other patrons. The people here were fighting the financial wars, battling in the trenches so to speak, trying to make their first million or perhaps even their first billion. Gaelen was well beyond that mark. In fact, he owned the building and the bar here on this roof. Hell, he owned several buildings in this city, although not many people knew that. He was in charge of the financial health of his family, as well as that of his country. As Minister of Finance for Izara, as well as crown prince of the same, he had a great deal of power and wealth, far beyond anything these people could imagine. Far beyond what all of the magazines estimated when they did their annual rating of the ten richest people in the world. He always chuckled when his assistant handed him that list. It was so far off, it was pointless.

But if the world needed to categorize someone’s wealth, then he didn’t mind those magazines doing their best. Whatever helped them sleep better at night, he thought as he settled into his chair, turning so that his back was to the wall and he could watch the room. He was meeting a potential business partner to discuss a project. Unbuttoning his jacket, he loosened his tie and “relaxed” against the back of the chair.

Thankfully, a waitress immediately made her way through the thick crowd. She smiled welcomingly at him and he felt as if one of his generals had just kicked him in the gut! Damn, she was beautiful! Her soft, whiskey-blond hair was pulled back into a thick braid, although small wisps had wafted around her heart-shaped face. Perfectly curved eyebrows lifted in inquiry, but he could only stare into those lovely brown eyes! They were mesmerizing! Angled slightly upwards at the ends, but big and wide, sparkling with curiosity.

And her mouth! Damn, her mouth was wide and full. It was the kind of mouth that an old time actress would use to entice! But her nose…he almost laughed when he looked at her nose. It was cute, almost countering the sensuality of that mouth!

Her features didn’t seem like they should quite fit together. But taken together, they formed an image that was startlingly lovely. This woman might almost appear adorably gamine, if it weren’t for that sensuous mouth!

“What can I get you to drink?” she asked.

Gaelen focused on that mouth, forming salacious images of what he’d like to do to that gorgeous mouth. Or more specifically, what he’d like her to do with that mouth! And just as fast as those images flashed behind his eyes, his body reacted. He was shocked at his undisciplined reaction to her, wanting to roar at her to stop. And yet, logically, he knew that the beautiful woman hadn’t actually done anything. She’d merely asked what he’d like to drink. The woman was simply doing her job and he was ready to yell at her for it? Ridiculous.

Obviously, he’d paused too long, because when his eyes moved back to hers, he realized that she was nervous, those brown eyes wary now.

“I apologize,” he told her, wanting to ease her tension so that she would smile again. “What would you recommend?”

Instantly, her wariness evaporated and her mouth curved upwards. Gaelen caught the mischievous glint to her eyes as she said, “The bartender has several delicious cocktails available. Would you…?”

“Just bring me your favorite,” he replied, thinking to further ease her nervousness with a friendly gesture.

Her suddenly bright smile should have warned him, but he was just too relieved that she was clearly relaxed. “Absolutely,” she replied as she quickly turned, obviously eager to get away from him.

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