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Twisted Perfection (Rosemary Beach #5)(8)
Author: Abbi Glines

“My father owns the place,” I replied, and watched her face. Her eyes went wide and she glanced around at her surroundings as if taking them in for the first time.

“Are you Mr. Kerrington?” she asked.

“Depends. My dad is also Mr. Kerrington. I typically go by Woods.”

Della let out a soft laugh. “I can’t believe this. I think I’m supposed to be meeting with you about a job. Tripp sent me.”

Tripp. This was the girl? The one he was helping out? Shit! What had Jace said happened to her? She had gotten messed up with the boss or something. Hell, I couldn’t remember. I hadn’t paid that much attention.

“Yeah, that would be me,” I replied. There were plenty of reasons why this was a really bad idea. I didn’t need this kind of distraction. I had to find a way to deal with my dad and Angelina. Seeing Della every day was going to fuck with my head.

“I hope this is okay? I mean, he never said ‘Woods.’ He always referred to you as Kerrington.” The nervous tone in her voice snapped me out of my internal battle.

“Uh, yeah, uh, just come on back to my office and you can fill out paperwork and we can discuss where you would fit best.”

Far away from me. Far, far away. I needed to put her sexy ass on another continent. But I was about to give her a job. Here at my club. So I could be tortured with the memory of our night of amazing, mind-blowing sex. Ah, hell.

I didn’t wait for her to catch up to me and walk beside me. I was afraid I would be able to smell her and I’d have her pressed up against a wall with my hands all over her in minutes. Instead, I stalked ahead of her and didn’t look back. I knew she was following me only by the click of her heels.

Once I finally got to my office door, I opened it and stood back so she could step inside. I held my breath until I was safely away from her.

“Woods, you seem really unhappy about this. I’m sorry. I didn’t know. I didn’t even know this was the town Tripp was sending me to. He gave me directions and sent me this way. I was desperate to leave, so I did. I can get a job somewhere else if this is weird for you.”

The worried little frown scrunching up her nose made me crumble. I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t be hard or cold with her. I was going to give her the damn job, any job she wanted, and I was going to stay the hell away from her. Maybe I should propose to Angelina. That would keep me from making the mistake of hunting Della down every chance I got.

“I’m sorry. This is fine. I’ve just had some issues with employees and drama in the kitchen to deal with. You surprised me. But you have a job here if you want it. Just tell me what you’re good at.” Other than fucking my brains out.

Della sat up straight and my eyes drifted down to her tits. The outline of her pebbled-up nipples sent my already hardening cock to complete attention. Fuck, she was turned on. She was remembering, too.

“I’ve been working at a bar in Dallas as a waitress. That’s normally the kind of jobs I get. They’re easy and the tips are good, so I don’t have to stay around too long.”

I nodded. That’s right. She was traveling the world. She wasn’t putting down roots in Rosemary. She didn’t want a relationship. She wanted an adventure.

“You want a server job here? It’s an easier crowd than a bar and I just lost a server right before you walked in.”

I wasn’t putting her far away from me. No, I was putting her right here under my damn nose. I was a fucking idiot.

“Thank you. That would be perfect. Do you need me to start right away since you just lost a server? I’m a quick learner,” she assured me.

No, I needed her to go back to Tripp’s condo and let me calm the fuck down.

A knock on the door interrupted me before I could respond and Jimmy stuck his head in. “It’s getting out of control.” His eyes found Della and he flashed her a smile. “Well, aren’t you all kinds of sexy. Please tell me you’re here for a job.”

Della smiled at him brightly and nodded.

“Perfect. Can I have her?” Jimmy asked, opening the door wider.

I wanted to tell him no, that I wasn’t done with her yet. I was still considering laying her over my desk and pushing that skirt up to see what she had on underneath.

“Sure. Go ahead and take her. She has experience so it shouldn’t be hard to get her going.”

Della stood up and smiled back at me one more time. “Thank you for this.” Then she went to Jimmy, who closed the door behind them.

I laid my head back against the leather seat and let out a defeated sigh.

I needed to remember that Della would be leaving soon. She wasn’t one to stick around. I couldn’t lose everything I’d worked for because I wanted to be buried in her tight little pussy again. It was time I focused on Angelina. Maybe having that buffer between Della and me would keep me from making a mistake. Because Della Sloane could cause me to lose it all. Then she’d walk away.

As sweet as she tasted and as perfect as she felt, I couldn’t let my desire for her change my life. Angelina would make my dad happy. I’d be vice president, and this management shit would be behind me. It was my only choice. It had to be.




“Don’t touch that food, Della. It’s your brother’s. It’s his favorite. You know that. Why do you always try and throw it away? Why, Della? Why would you do that to him? Be a good girl, Della. Sweet and good.”

“But, Momma, it smells bad. It’s old and there are flies—”

“SHUT UP! SHUT UP! Go to your room. We don’t want you in here. All you do is complain. Go to your room. Go to your room.”

“Momma, please just . . . Let’s fix him a new plate. This one has gotten old. It’s making the whole house smell bad.”

“He wants you to leave it alone. He’s coming to eat it. Just go to your room, Della. Go sing a pretty song. One we can all enjoy.”

I didn’t want to sing a song. I wanted to throw away the rotten food. I shook my head and started to protest, when she grabbed me around the neck and started shaking me.

“I told you to sing, Della. Leave your brother’s food alone. It’s his, damn you, girl. Such a selfish brat,” she screamed in the high-pitched voice I knew to fear.

I pulled at her hands and fought for air. I couldn’t breathe. She was going to choke me. A trickle of something wet touched my cheek and I looked up to see blood raining down on me. It was her blood. It was my momma’s blood. Looking down at my hands, I saw they were covered in blood. I turned to cry for help but there was no one there. I was alone. Always alone.

* * *

I sat straight up in bed as the scream ripped through my chest. Opening my eyes, I took in the unfamiliar surroundings. The large picture windows in front of me showed the early morning sunlight dancing across the ocean waves. I gripped the down comforter in my hands and took several deep breaths. I wasn’t back in that house. I was safe. Everything was okay. My body trembled as I sat silently and watched the beauty that I had found myself immersed in.

I didn’t know if my memories would eventually disappear or if one day they would consume me. Until then, I needed to live. Every time I thought about going home and giving up on this trip to find myself, I had my dreams to remind me of why I had to do this. My time was limited. Shoving back the covers, I made my way to the bathroom to take a shower. The sweat covering my body from the nightmare made my T-shirt cling to my skin. Every morning for the past three years I had woken up like this.

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